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To date, I have written three eBooks in order to inspire, educate and encourage newcomers to piano, jazz and the Mind.  These are very beneficial for time spent away from the piano as you discover such concepts as the Internal Piano, Mind Triangle and Threefold Path to Water Pianism.

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water pianism


The Water Pianist understands that what is required to achieve that which is desired already exists within and is not something ‘attained’ through practice; rather, it is revealed to the Self at random moments of conscious awareness.

This more natural way of thinking, or better yet, non-thinking, is part of the removal of ego labelling because instead of having a sense of uphill struggle and progress, one is simply travelling without obstacle and destination and just enjoying every moment, just like water.

At no point does water stop to wonder where it is travelling, check how fast it is flowing, consider what its environment looks like or have issue with how other water has a nicer view whereas it is currently in darkness.

Never does water compare itself to what it interacts with, want to be elsewhere or worry about the size of the pebbles and rocks over and around which it will surely flow without hesitation.

Not once does water use force yet still it exists in a constant state of motion.

Most interestingly of all, water is not conscious of a final destination. Indeed, what would it do once it had arrived?

What freedom. What pleasure. What ease.

Such is the state of mind of the Water Pianist.